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The story of Blessed Margaret of Castello by Anita Moore, OPL (This series appeared in serial publication in "Truth Be Told," the Newsletter of the Western Dominican Province).  This story is worth the read.  Please click on the link below:

See No. III below for additional links regarding Blessed Margaret.


  Villa Bendita Margarita
  A Family Retreat Facility

Introduction & History

The Dominican Order, also known as the Order of Preachers, is a Roman Catholic religious order founded in the 13th century by a Spanish priest, St. Dominic Guzman.  St. Dominic was a mendicant preacher who traveled throughout Europe preaching the gospel and renewing the Christian faith of those who had abandoned it. All Dominicans today -- whether priests, brothers, sisters or professed laity -- embrace a life of devotion to prayer and study, to the Blessed Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Rosary, and to preaching the Gospel through deed and example of character. We are members of the laity within the Dominican order, and are sometimes referred to as Tertiary Dominicans or the Third Order of Preachers.  The Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter of Boise, Idaho, began meeting in1997, became a chapter-in-formation in June of 1998, and a full Chapter in 2004.  The Boise Chapter is a lay chapter that belongs to the Western Dominican Province of the United States (The Province of the Holy Name of Jesus).

Blessed Margaret of Castello, the patroness of our lay Dominican chapter, was a Dominican tertiary born of Italian nobility in the 14th century. Born blind, crippled, hunch-backed and facially disfigured, she was disowned by her parents at an early age. Quickly she grew to be recognized by the faithful for her holiness and her close relationship to Christ. She has since been beatified by the Roman Catholic Church and awaits canonization as a saint. Blessed Margaret has come to be identified with the unwanted and rejected, the     abandoned and disenfranchised. Blessed Margaret's body remains incorrupt to this day.  Please see
In 1997, some of our chapter members purchased a 15-acre parcel of land located a few miles west of Homedale, Idaho, just off Gulley Road. They held a vision of one day being able to develop some sort of retreat facility where Christians and all those seeking rest and spiritual renewal could come to find respite from the their busy and sometimes troubled lives. The solitude and serenity of a small rural community like Homedale seemed well suited to such a vision. Two years later, some other members of our chapter purchased 25 additional acres adjacent to the 15-acre parcel purchased initially. The 25 acres were gifted to the lay Dominican chapter, and the owners of the 15-acre parcel have agreed to give use of their land to the chapter for the purpose of establishing a community retreat facility. With a total of 40 acres, the lay Dominicans have developed a vision for creating a religious community where others may come to be spiritually renewed.  


  The Blessed Margaret of Castello Chapter is interested in forming a retreat facility on the Homedale property that would include a chapel, meditation gardens, custodial quarters, quarters for guests to stay in, and a parcel of ground for maintaining a community garden and a few farm animals to help support the facility. Blessed Margaret has inspired us to name this facility after her (Villa Bendita Margarita, or, Blessed Margaret's House), that it might serve as a beacon to those who are seeking healing and solitude for the purpose of spiritual renewal.
Photos at Homedale:

Chapter erects a cross on Good Friday, 2002!

Building gets a floor, October 2002!

Construction of interior begins, January 2004!

Surveying, Lent 2005!

Donated Garage, July 8, 2006

Map to the Homedale facility.  Click here.

Prayer requests may be sent to chapter@dominicanidaho.org.  The Chapter prays for special intentions at every chapter meeting.


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