I.    Source Material.


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II.  Websites  --


            The websites cited below are not exhaustive and do not necessarily include all of the list of terms found in the document on Social Justice.  A ‘google’ search will reveal other cites and sources.


Grand Rapids Dominicans


Dominicans – St. Catharine

Dominican Alliance’s Eco-Justice Committee

Global Concern, Dominican Effort


School of the Americas

The Death Penalty

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

The Death Penalty

Non-cooperation with the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act

Legislation that protects the civil rights of homosexuals

acknowledge and seek forgiveness for the racism and ethnocentrism within and among us who are descendants of the European immigrants in the Americas

Iraq, Africa, Columbia, Immigrant and Migrant Worker Rights, Genetically Modified Organism, Trafficking in Human Persons


Dominican Sisters of Blauvelt

            Social Justice


            Land Ethic

            promote reverence and justice for the environment


            Dominican Earth Council


            Bill of Rights Defense Committee


            The Death Penalty


            The Trafficking in Human Persons


            Just treatment of the Irish in North Ireland


            Promote Fair Trade


Support of the rights of homeless people, exploited workers, immigrants, people with AIDS and especially women and children through our service, prayer and political action

Heresy of dualism

rights of women and children, immigrants, unjust structures, care of the earth, human rights

help create an economic system in which the basic needs of all are met


Adrian Dominican Sisters

            Ecologically Sustainable Policy


            Nuclear Disarmament

Death Penalty

Human Cost of War in Iraq

Iraq Public Statement

Preaching as Peacemaking

Genetically Engineered Seeds

Chlorine-free Paper

Genetically Modified Organisms



Death Penalty


Human Rights


Peace and Justice



Corporate Responsibility


Dominican Leadership Conference;





Justice and Peace Commission of the English Dominican Province



Justice and Peace Commission



Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist



Dominicans at the United Nations



Dominican Central Province (United States of America)


                        reference to Pro-Life link.